A yearning for days gone by

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I SHOULDN’T be this way but, like many of my generation, I much preferred the England I grew up in than the England of today.

At one time I was happy to see that people of other cultures wanted to live and work here. Sadly , we now seem to have many who although wanting the benefits of living here, don’t like our culture, and want to have their old ways among us , schools, laws , etc .

So I suggest that the young men who leave to fight for IS not be allowed back here and why are we paying for our police to chase three young women who want to leave to become Jihadi brides? It’s as yet a free country we live in so if it doesn’t suit them, leave by all means.

Obviously their parents are distressed but they should have a close look at their teachers who have brainwashed these women.

As the older generation they will know full well, what a life their kids can expect as brides.

I feel no sympathy for the men, they know they are going to be trained with weapons, but who has told the women their choice to leave was a good thing to do? I find the our present world very sad.

Allan Fazackerley

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