A kick in the teeth for disabled workers

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The government has now finally shut the Remploy factories that provide much needed work for over 1,400 disabled citizens.

As most of these people are probably eligible to draw benefits but chose to work to help pay their way this is a real kick in the teeth for them.

Now that they are being consigned to join the dole queues will this government re-designate them as benefit scroungers? Which vulnerable group will be the next target for these callous Tories?

Jeff McCann, address supplied

Prison life is not a soft option...

People who complain that prisons are ‘soft’ have usually never spent any time inside.

Yes, some offenders brag that they aren’t scared of prison – they are nearly always lying – and yes some people deliberately commit crime in order to get sent down (they’re usually mentally ill). But 99 per cent of people are terrified by the idea of losing their liberty, of being caged up with every manner of nutter, of never getting to spend time with their families or friends, of living in an atmosphere of constant menace and violence. No video game will compensate for these losses, and anyone who objects to giving minuscule rewards like Playstations to certain prisoners is just spiteful.

Crag, via website

... life should be tougher on inside

Whoever said crime doesn’t pay wants digging up and hanging till he’s dead!

Instead of paying for Playstations to occupy the boredom make the beggars use the money to pay council tax – anything but give them the money they work for.

They stuffed up by being naughty, how many more ways can we find to make their life more comfortable? Free bed and food, no mortgage, rent, heating, electricity/gas, telephone bills. No wait doctors appointment, home visits guaranteed, right to the top of all dental/hospital lists. Oh no, sorry, they already get them. All those cotton wool carrying carers, all so full of understanding and compassion should wake up and unplug the PlayStation. I’ve had a hard life too, but, I’ve not had the urge to rob, steal or make someone’s life a mess.

baggyb, via website

Business should pay Olympic bill

London is effectively being turned into a war zone with all of these troops and security teams on guard for the Olympics.

How much is all this costing, all to protect big business?

This is a money-making exercise for the businesses that are at the Olympics supplying food and drink.

If they want protection then they should have to pay for it themselves.

Most of these businesses are foreign owned, so we are effectively using taxpayers’ money to protect foreign businesses making money in our country and most British businesses have not been allowed to do business in the Olympics.

bigfoot, via website