Wrestler hits big screen in new film

Wrestler Kevin Lloyd
Wrestler Kevin Lloyd
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A pro wrestler from the borough has taken part in a high-profile new comedy film bringing the ring to the silver screen.

Golborne grappler Kevin Lloyd appears in Walk Like A Panther, which is about a group of 80s wrestlers forced back into their lycra outfits one last time to save their beloved pub from demolition.

Stephen Graham and Dave Johns in the ring in new wrestling-themed film Walk Like A Panther

Stephen Graham and Dave Johns in the ring in new wrestling-themed film Walk Like A Panther

Kevin takes on the role of the younger version of one of the fighters and appears on a poster in the movie as well as in a pub scene.

The 26-year-old who, in addition to grappling at Hindley’s Grand Pro Wrestling and other promotions around the country, is also a bodybuilder and personal trainer, says being on camera was quite straightforward as his character was quite similar to the persona he adopts in the ring.

Kevin said: “They used quite a few wrestlers in the movie and I was one of the ones they approached.

“The character I’m playing thinks he’s God’s gift to women and loves himself, and I thought it was much like my character in wrestling. It was basically him with a wig on so I did lots of my usual poses for the photo shoot.

“Filming was really good although it was a long day. I didn’t realise it would take hours just to do a minute of filming.

“They would film from all different angles and do lots of takes for each one. It was interesting to see how the director would ask us to position ourselves and motivate us.

“It’s really exciting to be involved in a film. I’m all about trying to achieve different things, I’ve done powerlifting and Brazilian ju jitsu and I’ve appeared in a magazine so this is another thing I’ve done.

“It’s something I will look back on one day as an old man and say I did it.”

The film stars Stephen Graham of Pirates Of The Caribbean and This Is England fame and Dave Johns, best known for his portrayal of the title character in Ken Loach’s searing benefits drama I, Daniel Blake.

It is directed by Dan Cadan who was involved in Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and is expected to hit the screen later this year.

Unfortunately, Kevin was not able to showcase his wrestling skills for the film as shows he was booked to appear in meant he was only available for one day of filming.

He is back in the ring in Wigan for the first time in more than a year this Friday when he battles Sam Gradwell in the latest show at The Rose Club.