Woman wins £25k on People’s Postcode Lottery

Kerry Brown with Judie McCourt and her cheque
Kerry Brown with Judie McCourt and her cheque
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A STUNNED Hindley woman couldn’t believe it when she discovered she had won £25,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

After learning she had hit the jackpot when her postcode, WN2 5AE, was revealed as a Saturday Street Prize winner, Kerry Brown said: “I’m in shock, things like this don’t happen to me.”

I’m in shock, things like this don’t happen to me

Kerry Brown

Kerry, 41, was relaxing at home in Hindley, with her friend Natalie, when she was surprised by People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador, Judie McCourt, who presented her with her cheque.

A delighted Kerry said: “I was not expecting to win so much. My husband, Geoff, was away this weekend and couldn’t take it in when I told him.”

Although Kerry is still getting over her shock, she does have some ideas of how to spend her winnings.

She told the Wigan Observer: “I’ve always wanted a Chanel handbag so I think I’ll have to splurge on one. I also fancy a new watch and I’ll make sure to have my lucky postcode engraved on the back.”

As well as a couple of shopping trips, Kerry would like to treat her family with the win.

“We always go on a family holiday to Spain,” she said. “This year, as well as my husband, son and his family, we can take my sister Lauren and her little girl. I can also help my son, James, with driving lessons.”

Kerry, who has been playing People’s Postcode Lottery since the end of last year, decided to sign up to support a lot of different charities.

“As I support worker, I know how important funding can be but I find it difficult to choose just one or two charities to support,” she said. “The great thing about playing People’s Postcode Lottery is that I can support so many.”

People’s Postcode Lottery Street Prize presenter, McCourt, said, “Kerry was so delighted with her cheque and I love that she has a clear idea of how to spend her winnings.”