Woman stabbed partner after drunken dispute

Crime story
Crime story
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A WOMAN, who stabbed her partner in the chest after an evening of drinking, walked free from court.

A court heard that the incident at the couple’s Leigh home happened after they rowed and Craig Vernell “egged” Elenor Abbott on to stab him.

Mr Vernell told how she had calmed down but kept saying she hated him so he told her, “If you hate me why don’t you kill me?”

She responded by picking up a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the chest, said Henry Riding, prosecuting.

The blow resulted in his left lung collapsing and at hospital a chest drain had to be inserted. The couple are no longer together but Liverpool Crown Court heard that the victim had later told police that he did not want her to go to jail.

Sentencing her to 20 months imprisonment suspended for 18 months the judge, Recorder Brian Cummings, QC, said that she had two dependent children and there was a low risk of her re-offending.

He placed her under supervision for 18 months and ordered her to attend a ‘building skills for recovery” probation programme.

Abbott, 32, of Widows Street, Leigh, had pleaded guilty to wounding.

Mr Riding said that the offence happened on January 25 this year. The couple, who had been together for about a year, went out and shared three bottles of wine. They then returned and continued drinking wine and took “a couple of lines of cocaine”.

They argued over a trivial matter which turned into a scuffle and when he restrained her by grabbing her wrists and she made her comment about hating him which led to the stabbing.

Mr Vernell immediately said he would not call the police and they could sort it out but she then also stabbed him in the arm. He needed a total of six stitches in the wounds.

Abbott pleaded guilty on the basis that that she had been scared and acted in self-defence but had not intended to cause him serious harm. She said she was sorry for what she had done and accepted responsibility for it.

She wiped away tears in the dock when a victim impact statement was read from Mr Vernell saying he was worried about her children if she went to prison. He said she had made a mistake and he still cared for her and did not want her to be jailed.

Martyn Walsh, defending, said that she denied having taken cocaine that night though she had used it previously. She regretted her behaviour and has taken steps to reduce her alcohol intake.