Woman spat at and pulled hair of police officers

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A woman spat and pulled the hair of police officers as they tried to arrest her for being drunk and disorderly, a court heard.

Anna Varetto, of Coral Grove, Leigh, was arrested after officers found her lying down in the doorway of a club in the town and concluded she was drunk.

They tried to help her up but the 23-year-old became aggressive and began pushing an officer away from her with her foot.

Ann Deakin, prosecuting, said: “As a result she was arrested. While in custody she was searched by a female detention officer. The defendant grabbed the officer’s hair so hard that she pulled several clumps from her scalp. She also assaulted another officer by spitting in her face and on her clothes.”

The court heard Varetto had been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder last year and had been drinking to cope with the condition while she waited for treatment.

The probation service said she could not remember the incident and black-outs were typical of the condition, especially when coupled with the alcohol she had consumed.

Her condition meant Varetto struggled to maintain relationships and drank because it gave her confidence to go out and socialise, the court heard. Varetto had not drunk since the incident and was working to achieve abstinence with alcohol services.

Bob Toppin, defending, said: “She is a very pleasant young woman to deal with. I don’t know how you measure remorse but if you could I could offer you gallons.

“She is humiliated. I don’t think I have ever represented anyone more embarrassed about an incident and of losing her good name.

But out of the incident there has been a wake-up call. When I told her she spat at an officer she was absolutely appalled.

“It is never an excuse but people can become dramatically different after consuming a great deal of alcohol.”

Varetto was given a 12 week community order with a 7pm to 7am curfew. She must pay £75 compensation to each officer, £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.