Woman denies changing story

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Crime news
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A WOMAN accused of deliberately shoving a pensioner downstairs causing serious injuries has denied the allegations.

Anne Jones told a jury that she did not push 76-year-old Ruby Ganley and had not even seen or heard her fall down the steps.

The incident happened in Peake Fitness Social Club in Leigh on March 10 last year and Mrs Ganley suffered a broken wrist and shoulder.

It has been claimed that following a Manchester United v Tottenham game Jones and her male companion began making a drunken nuisance of themselves.

While at the bar Jones began having a go at Mrs Ganley, who was next to her and later by chance they both ended up in the toilets at the same time and Jones abusively asked what she was looking at, shocking Mrs Ganley, claimed Frances Hertzog, prosecuting.

Jones went back upstairs and it was as Mrs Ganley tried to manoeuvre past her at the top of the narrow staircase, Jones “said something to her and violently pushed her with both hands to the upper part of her chest,” she alleged.

“This unfortunately caused her to fall backwards down that short flight of stairs. She put her hand out to break her fall but landed badly on her outstretched hands and lay on the floor screaming out in pain and later rendered unconscious by the knock downstairs.

Jones, 46, of Castle Street, Tyldesley was arrested and interviewed the next day.

Blonde-haired Jones, told the jury that she had never been to the pub before. Following an altercation, Jones said both women ended up in the toilet at the same time and claimed Mrs Ganley said she should not be in the premises as she did not come from around there. She grabbed the back of my hair. I turned around and said, ‘just leave it’.

“There is no way I pushed her down some stairs, no way. I used to be a carer for 15 years. I’m not being blamed for something I have not done. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to get off me, it wasn’t done with force.

“She let go and I went back to the bar and finished my pint off. I asked the barman if he would serve me another pint and he refused.”

She claimed that when she left Mrs Ganley was sitting at the bar. Cross-examined by Miss Hertzog, Jones denied that she had been drunk. She maintained she had not pushed Mrs Ganley but admitted there were discrepancies between her police interviews and her evidence in court.

Miss Hertzog suggested that she kept changing her evidence to try to cover her tracks. “Yes but..” replied Jones.

The case continues