Windfall delight at centre

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A WIGAN centre is celebrating a a windfall of almost £5,000 which will help it improve facilities.

The Bridging the Gap-North West award was presented to the Lowton Youth and Community Centre by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to repair fencing around the basketball area, to buy multi-media equipment and to help pay for broadband access.

The cash comes on top of a recent Brighter Borough Fund donation of £1,000 to boost security and equipment.

The next job will be to repair the court’s playing surface – which had been damaged by vehicles visiting Lowton Junior and Infant school – so that it is safe for use once again.

Centre director Sandy Franzen said: “In future, the gate can and will be locked so that only pedestrian access is provided.

“It has taken a lot of time and money to get the fencing repaired and I do not want it to be out of use for young people again.”

With further plans to improve the surface and sporting facilities, Lowton Youth and Community Centre is hoping to welcome many more folk for sporting events.

Lowton Youth and Community Centre has entered a partnership with IAS Services who provide care for disabled people.

Carol Williams, who runs the IAS service at LYCC, said: “The friendly and welcoming atmosphere has meant that the people attending with their carers have enjoyed the activities provided, which include social and spotting activities as well as food and entertainment.

“In future we are planning to try out new activities targeted to provide a service for older disabled people such as a black and white movie afternoon.”

The Lowton Youth and Community Centre continues to grow with Friday night youth club continues from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.