What is next for our singer on The Voice?

Joe Keegan on The Voice
Joe Keegan on The Voice

AS Joe Keegan sang Ben Howard’s Keep Your Head Up to a studio audience on The Voice set, his mind was focused on the backs of the four chairs in front of him.

Just as he was losing hope, Kylie Minogue spun around, and Ricky Wilson pressed his button at the very last second.

And as both coaches made their plea, the Thornleigh Sixth Form College student, chose the Australian singing sensation, which was shown on BBC One’s The Voice on Saturday night.

Joe, 16, from Westhoughton, and has a sister, Claire, who lives in Aspull, said: “As soon as Kylie turned, I thought ‘oh my God,’ as I was face to face with her.

“It was quite late in the song when she turned around. In the second verse I sang a high bit and that was when she hit her buzzer.

“It was incredible - then Ricky Wilson turned around at the end.

“Kylie said when I sang high it showed the extent of my range and she needed me on her team.

“Ricky referred to a girl my age who was number one in America and said I deserved to be here as much as anyone else.

“It took me quite a while to make a decision. The producers told me to think about it before I went in.

“But when I was put on the spot, it was a tricky situation.

“Will.i.am asked me which artist I wanted to end up like and I said Michael Buble.

“He then asked me who could get me a career like his and that swayed me towards Kylie.

“She seemed really genuine and I felt I could relate to her as she was 16 when she started Neighbours so she knows the pressures on being young.

“She has built her career up and I thought she was the best person to give me advice.”