Week of action as The Deal hits Westleigh

A previous event for The Deal
A previous event for The Deal
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WIGAN Council is teaming up with volunteers and community groups for a week of action bringing The Deal to Westleigh.

The neighbourhood will be transformed with a week of activities helping residents to improve their communities and become self-reliant, starting on Monday June 15.

I’m excited to see this being rolled out in Westleigh and know the community will really get involved.

Mayor of Wigan Coun Susan Loudon

Volunteers will support The Deal by going on litter picks and helping older neighbours access services online, while children’s centres will be turned into hubs for people to get information about services and groups available in their area.

Wigan Council will also fill in potholes, repair kerbs and roads, re-paint road markings and put in flower planters to keep its end of The Deal.

Westleigh is the fourth neighbourhood in the borough to receive the Deal treatment, after similar neighbourhood blitzes in Worsley Hall, Higher Folds and Ince.

The Mayor of Wigan Coun Susan Loudon said: “I’m excited to see this being rolled out in Westleigh and know the community will really get involved. People will be encouraged to sign pledge cards to take more care and ownership of the neighbourhood, and take more responsibility for staying healthy, recycling, volunteering and being involved in the community.”

Wigan Council created The Deal due to its need to save a further £30m by 2017 in addition to the £100m trimmed from its budget since 2010, and eventually hopes to take the scheme to every area of the borough.

Lord Peter Smith, leader of Wigan Council, said: “Through The Deal we are completely transforming how we work as a council.

“By working together with our residents we hope to increase their responsibility for their neighbourhoods and encourage more personal responsibility.

“We believe there will be long-term health benefits, both physical and mental, through residents being involved in their communities and engaged with services.

“This will reduce the need for expensive council and health services in the long-term.”

To find out more about the activities taking place in Westleigh for The Deal, check Wigan Council’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.