Warning after increase in TB

LEIGH folk are being warned to be on the look out for symptoms of Tuberculosis following a rise in cases in the region.

The North West Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said there was a small increase in the incidence of TB in the North West in 2011 with 823 new cases reported compared to 813 in 2010 and 802 in 2009.

Dr Marko Petrovic, HPA North West’s TB lead, said: “Our key messages are that all health professionals should remain vigilant for TB. The public should also be aware of TB and its symptoms and should seek advice if they suspect that they may have the infection.”

TB develops slowly in the body and it normally takes several months for symptoms to appear.

Any of the following symptoms may suggest TB:

•Fever and night sweats

•Persistent cough

•Losing weight

•Blood in your sputum (phlegm or spit)

For further information visit www.thetruthabouttb.org