Warning after bonfire goes up in smoke

Bonfire warning
Bonfire warning
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FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning after a bonfire was lit in the early hours of the morning.

A crew from Atherton were called to the bonfire on wasteland off Leicester Road in Shakerley at around 3am this morning after a resident spotted it had been lit.

Watch manager Dave Holden said that the fire wasn’t a safety risk but they did put the fire out. There was also a quantity of carpet on the bonfire which was releasing toxic smoke.

He said: “Unfortunately someone has been left without a bonfire for tonight.

“This one wasn’t unsafe and wasn’t too close to buildings but there was quite a lot of carpet on it and other things that shouldn’t be on a bonfire because of the toxic smoke they give off.

“Our advice for bonfires is keep them away from buildings and overhead wires.

“They should be built with clean wood and nothing that can give off toxic smoke like tires, paint, carpets and settees.”