Walking up on high for the angels

Sarah Taylor with daughter Nadia
Sarah Taylor with daughter Nadia
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A WIGAN mum who fought a three-year battle to bring her daughter back from Libya is preparing for a white-knuckle wing walk for charity.

Sarah Taylor, from Hindley Green, will be strapped to the wing of an aeroplane and taken on a terrifying ride through the skies in aid of Abducted Angels.

Sarah, of Westlake Grove, is raising money for the charity which helps parents find their children and fight custody battles when they have been taken overseas by ex-partners.

She is also a trustee of the charity and after successfully bringing daughter Nadia back from North Africa in 2009, after she was taken to Libya by ex-husband Fawzi Abuarghub, Sarah hopes to ensure there are more happy endings for other divided families.

Sarah will do the daredevil wing-walk in September at a centre in Yorkshire and said standing on the aircraft as it flies will represent the achievement of a long-held ambition.

Sarah, 39, said: “I’m looking forward to it, it’s something that’s been on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to do this for years.

“I will be standing on top of the plane strapped into what they call a rig. It goes quite high and also swoops into some low drops but there’s no loop-the-loops, thank goodness. It should be a 10-minute adrenaline rush.

“I’m hoping to raise as much money as possible but the main thing is to raise awareness of parental child abductions.”

Sarah’s three-year battle to bring Nadia, who is now 12, back to the UK forced her to leave her job as a civil servant and sell her house and car so she could move to the Libyan capital Tripoli to search for her.

She says Nadia is now doing extremely well at school following her experiences in North Africa and is also keenly supporting her mum’s wing walk.

She said: “She’s doing fantastically well. I get glowing reports from her teachers at school and she’s very well liked.

“She asked if she could do the wing-walk and I said she was too young and wouldn’t let her anyway. When I went to Libya I was one of the lucky ones but unfortunately some parents haven’t got the money so Abducted Angels get funds together to help them.”

Sarah Taylor will do a wing walk for Abducted Angels on September 12. For more information, search for Abducted Angels on Facebook.