Vehicle torched in club car park

Leigh Miners
Leigh Miners
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Firefighters fought a blaze in the early hours after a car was doused in petrol and torched on a Leigh car park.

At around 2am, crews were called to a fire in the car park at Leigh Miners Welfare Institute on Kirby Road.

It took firefighters around an hour to tackle the flames coming from the vehicle. Residents have even reported hearing an explosion as the car was engulfed.

One resident said: “Some of the neighbours park their cars here overnight and someone set fire to one of them.

“Thankfully the fire brigade came very quickly (someone had rung before us so thank you to them). It's now been taken away, but yes to be woken up by an explosion wasn't great.”

Leigh firefighter, Shaun Bradley, told Wigan Today that the fire was “quite a difficult one” due to the amount of petrol that had been used to start the fire as well as the petrol inside the vehicle’s tank.

Police have been informed and firefighters are urging them to monitor the car park, and anywhere else cars could be torched or dumped.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.