Vehicle crime arrest blitz

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A WIGAN borough blitz on car crime saw 27 arrests in a fortnight.

In fact quite a number of those detained in Leigh as part of Operation Goshawk were so for other, sometimes more serious offences, including robbery.

And after holding a vehicle crime prevention event at Leigh’s Spinning Gate shopping centre, police are still hammering home messages.

Neighbourhood inspector Ian Kennedy said: “Car crime impacts on communities in many ways, but particularly during such hard times the last thing anyone needs is increased insurance premiums due to having their car broken into.

“We are committed to tackling the root cause of the problem by giving offenders no let up, and I would urge people in Leigh to report anything suspicious to us.

“We need motorists to do their bit by parking in secure or well-lit areas wherever possible.

“They should also close all windows, use a steering lock, remove all valuables, especially sat navs and their mounting cradles, lock all doors and activate the immobiliser if they have one.

“It is a good idea to register valuables on and to security-mark them with your postcode and house number or vehicle registration number. Motorists should also keep a record of the make, model and serial number of such items. Finally, car keys should be kept hidden at home and away from doors and windows to prevent hook-and-cane thefts.”