Using stations to forge links with the community

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THE borough’s fire chief is opening up stations to the local community.

Borough Commander Steve Sheridan is keen to create links and relationships with people across the area and in a bid to do that, while helping out local groups, he has opened to doors of the borough’s four stations free of charge.

He said: “The fire stations are not our buildings, they belong to the public so we are inviting responsible local groups into them to use the facilities to hold their meetings.

“With all the cuts that are happening and the possibility of local civic halls closing we wanted to do what we can to help, so during the evening and afternoons Wigan, Hindley, Atherton and Leigh fire stations will be open for use.

“We are already in talks with a number of Rosemary Conley slimming groups, which ties in with the fact that obesity is a big problem in the borough, so we are more than happy to help with that by providing a base where people can meet.”

The invitation is open to any responsible group whether it be a knitting club, Scouts group or slimming club, and there are people at the fire station waiting to hear from interested groups.

Steve said: “The only caveat is that every quarter or so the groups listen to a fire safety message. And they don’t need to worry, they are not going to be fire-fighting, we have people specifically trained to do that.

“We hope that building these relationships with people will help when they go back out into their communities they can let us know for example about the little old lady who might need our help in some way that we wouldn’t usually know about.

“My main priority is cutting fire-related deaths and injuries across the borough so anything that we can do that might help with this I’m all for.”

For more information call 01942 650127.