Two arrested as police act on gang culture

knife crime
knife crime
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Police have been inundated with calls from concerned parents after continuing issues with gangs over the weekend.

The issues came to a head at the weekend when a group of children were threatened with a knife by a gang of youths in Douglas Park in Atherton.

The weekend ended in two youths being arrested on Shuttle Street in Tyldesley, reportedly because one was in possession of a knuckle duster and the other a metal bar.

A police spokesman later confirmed that a 15-year-old had been arrested for wearing gloves with plastic bits sewn into the knuckles and another male, whose age is unknown, for having a length of carpet gripper. The arrests were made follow reports of a fight outside the McDonalds in Tyldesley that involved around 15 people.

In a statement posted on GMP Wigan East’s Facebook page on Sunday, PC Danny Morgan wrote: “I would like to re-assure the community we have been very vigilant this weekend and today in particular in relation to the issues with gangs around the Tyldesley area.

“At present we have today arrested two youths for possession of an offensive weapon after reports of a disturbance in the area.

“We have stopped and searched several males we believe to be involved. We have also implemented a Section 35 dispersal zone around the Tyldesley area until 7am tomorrow (Monday) due to the level of incidents.

“We will be taking long term measures against those involved in light of recent incidents and will not be tolerating this type of behaviour in the area.

“Please be reassured we are committed to nullifying the actions of a minority intent on causing anti-social behaviour.”

The post prompted a massive response from worried parents.

One mum wrote: “It’s extremely worrying as the mother of a 12-year-old who could be caught up in this when simply walking to or from a friend’s house.

“My son isn’t out late and more often than not is picked up but we need a visible police presence on the streets.

“Implementing various orders/restraints won’t stop the gangs - they show they have no consideration of the law by doing what they do in the first place.”

Police confirmed that they were called to the children’s play area on Douglas Street on Friday night after it was reported that there was a man there in possession of a knife.

It is believed that no one was hurt in the incident in Douglas Park but it prompted one concerned parent to post a warning on Facebook.

She said: “My daughter and her friends have just had a knife held to them by the Walkden scumbag crew in Atherton.

“They’ve already attacked one of her mates and attacked a couple after that. Get your kids in now.”

There was also a 17-year-old man was also assaulted by three men, all of whom were around the same age, in the park on Friday night, leaving him with a split lip.

All three were said to be wearing dark clothing, one was around 6ft tall and of slender build. The offenders ran off before police arrived.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101.