Triple joy for family

Meet the Booth triplets with big brother Oliver (2) dad Chris with Daisy and mum Jacqueline with Harrison and Joshua
Meet the Booth triplets with big brother Oliver (2) dad Chris with Daisy and mum Jacqueline with Harrison and Joshua

Meet the latest additions to the Booth family.

Tiny triplets Daisy, Joshua and Harrison were born at Warrington General Hospital on January 27 but they’d already given their mum Jacqueline a real scare.

During an early scan - because of exceptionally severe morning sickness - she noticed the consultant was looking bothered and, fearing the worst, braced herself for bad news.

She said: “When he asked the nurse could she see what he was seeing I thought ‘oh my God it can’t be twins, can it?’ then when the nurse said ‘yes, three’ my jaw dropped.

“I looked at Chris and his face was just blank with shock.

“But then they told us to come back in a few weeks and see what happened as the chances of all three surviving were slim.”

A pensive Jacqueline, snatching a brief moment between feeds and nappy changes at the family home in Leigh, said: “It took a bit of the excitement away really being worried about that then as each week went by worrying about going into labour early but I managed to get to 34 weeks and five days.”

And not only did Jacqueline cope with the ‘morning’ sickness for 10 weeks, she cared for their eldest son Oliver who was two in November.....moved house and helped renovate it!

She said: “I wanted to be nearer my family before the babies were born so there was no choice really.

“And we have had loads of help from family and friends - we couldn’t have stayed sane without them all!”

The couple who have been together five years and married for two met while working at Gemini Kitchens where Chris is Design Director and Jacqueline worked in the office.

Daisy was born first at 10.26am weighing 4lb 2oz, Joshua came next a minute later weighing 4lb 10oz and Harrison was 4lb 13 when he arrived at 10.28 all by caesarean.

Each baby had his or her own placenta and amniotic sac so it was three individual babies growing together and Jacqueline quipped: “I lost about a stone and a half in less than three minutes!”

The triplets will be four weeks old tomorrow (Friday) and already little character traits are showing.

Jacqueline said: “Daisy is definitely the boss, she has ruled the boys from day one including her daddy!

“And Oliver really loves his ‘babas’. There’s been no jealousy and he’s coped so well with the massive change.”

As the couple settle into life with a family of six instead of three, Jacqueline added: “It’s easier than I expected - for now anyway! They just slept and fed but they are becoming more lively and alert now as their due date of March 5 approaches so that’s going to change!”