Tragic Jade’s family to meet with law makers

Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson

THE family of Jade Anderson, the 14-year-old tragically mauled to death by five dogs in Atherton, are to meet with Government chiefs in Westminster to discuss her case and discuss changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Jade died at a friends house on Chaucer Grove, Atherton last month, as a result of injuries inflicted by two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers.

Under current legislation, police are unable to prosecute dog owners if attacks happen on private property.

Now Jade’s mum Shirley and other family members will go to the House of Commons today to discuss Jade’s case and its wider impact with officials.

The meeting has been set up by Atherton MP, Julie Hilling, who has been campaigning on their behalf to push through tougher legislation.

Ms Hilling is meeting Jade’s parents in parliament and taking them to meet with DEFRA Minister Lord De Mauley to discuss Jade’s case and what the government must now do to strengthen legislation.

The Government announced in the Queen’s Speech that new laws will be brought forward in the Home Office ‘Anti-Social behaviour Crime and Policing Bill”, whereas Dangerous Dogs have until now been the responsibility of DEFRA.

Miss Hilling has said she wants to make sure that the Government gets any new legalisation right and does everything possible to ensure that tragic case’s like Jade’s cannot happen again.

Earlier Shirley told the This Morning’ TV programme she hadn’t even known that the family Jade was staying with had dogs and that, if she had known, it would have made her think twice about letting her go.

The dogs are believed to have attacked because Jade was carrying a meat pie. They were shot by police marksmen before Jade could be recovered by paramedics.