Time to put thieves in the picture

Don Hodgkinson at the notice board
Don Hodgkinson at the notice board

A COUNCILLOR wants to put vandals in the frame - after they smashed a community notice board to steal a nostalgic old photograph.

Angry Don Hodgkinson found that somebody with an eye for the glory of steam had prized open the corner of the display at Bryn Cross to remove a picture of Bryn railway station from the 196Os.

Independent Coun Hodgkinson said: “Someone broke into the notice board at Bryn Cross and stole a picture of Old Bryn station.

“I had a picture of the station enlarged at Copycats in Garswood Street in Ashton and put it inside the notice board for local people with an interest in history to enjoy but now it has gone.

“The picture itself is not valuable but whoever broke into the notice board has damaged it,

“Coun Gary Wilkes and myself have managed to close it off for the time being but one half of the board will be out of use until we get it 

“It is very sad that when you put a little bit of history for people to view it has to be stolen and our notice board damaged.”

Don said that he has now decided against putting other old photos of the area on display inside the notice board in case it provokes further attacks.

He admitted ruefully: “I cannot risk it ... how