Thug imprisoned for nine months after attack on dog-trip man

Crime story
Crime story
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A MAN has been jailed after battering a stranger who had tripped over his girlfriend’s dog.

David Skuse of Navigation House, Siddow Common, Leigh pleaded guilty before Wigan magistrates to assaulting Stephen Critchley who moments earlier had accidentally stumbled over the pet as he left a shop.

The court heard the 51-year-old apologised to her and, seeing as she was upset, asked if she was all right. But as he walked away Skuse came up to him and punched him four times.

The court was told that Skuse then walked away and Mr Critchley contacted the police.

Prosecutor Mike Ardern said: “He came back and approached the victim shouting, ‘I’m going down anyway so I may as well make it worth my while.’ Mr Critchley was still on the phone to the police.”

He continued to say that while Mr Critchley was still on the phone. Skuse then pushed him against the wall and punched him about 20 times before walking away again.

Mr Critchley suffered injury and pain to his upper right arm and damage to his glasses.

Skuse was later arrested at his partner’s address. The court heard how he had 25 previous convictions and a history of violence and sexual offences.

The 41-year-old was jailed for five months for the attack and a further four for breaching the terms of a previous suspended sentence.