Thousands sign petition to shut down kennels

Woodshaw Kennels and Cattery, Manor House Farm
Woodshaw Kennels and Cattery, Manor House Farm
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WIGAN MP Lisa Nandy has shown her support for the investigation into Woodshaw Kennels following an allegation of neglect.

More than 23,000 people have signed an online petition asking the Labour MP to help close the business, in Manor House Farm, Aspull, after 16-year-old border collie/labrador’s tail was torn by two Jack Russells while in the care of kennel owner George Marsden.

Ms Nandy said she will await the results of Wigan Council and the RSPCA’s investigation before acting.

She said; “These are very serious accusations and I’m glad that Wigan Council has acted quickly by launching an investigation.

“Should the allegations prove to be true then immediate action must be taken to ensure the safety of the animals. I would also expect any organisation or individual who wilfully abuses animals to face criminal prosecution.”

The petition was set up on Sunday night by Cloe Clifton and Josh Longden after seeing a Facebook post by Gary Fish’s son, David Collett, who was distraught at losing his family pet. He posted: “When we got him back he had half his tail missing.

“He was left in a room to die, lying in his own waste, with dehydrated blood all over him and maggots coming out of him.

“His eye sight was going and hearing too, so he never would have seen or heard the other dogs attacking him.”

The post has received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of comments condemning the business. But Greater Manchester Police has warned that any malicious or abusive posts could be subject to criminal investigations.