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A tear in my eye
A tear in my eye

It might just be me but a Tweet I spotted mid-way through the working day really brought a tear to my eye.

Considering I work with words and read dozens of emotive stories in a day, it really moved me.

It was a normal day in the paramedic’s work-life.

He was called to the assistance of an elderly gentleman, who was to be transferred to a hospice to see his final days - something the patient was well aware of.

The job was simple, transport him there and make sure he was okay.

But the gentleman asked one emotional favour of the paramedics.

Would they take him to visit his favourite country spot where he used to talk and sit - for the final time?

Of course they would, taking the time out of their day to offer a little humanity.

This little excerpt of life -shared by the North West ambulance paramedic himself - brought a tear to my eye in the middle of the working day. It represented an act of kindness in the everyday routine of life, one of hundreds of thousands that go on every day here in Lancashire. They largely go unnoticed but keep us all going.

Something as easy as a kind word or a smile can really make a difference and is something we are all guilty of omitting out of habit, busyness or because we are so caught up in our own lives and issues.

I certainly am.

It made me realise that I’m dealing with acts of kindness every day through our news pages. Small incidents of bravery and of selflessness.

Here in news, in particular, we become so used to the extremes of human behaviour - crime and cruelty - we are difficult to shock.

And the reality is that shocking stories like that attract more readership than the kindnesses. It’s human nature - however much we argue we want ‘good news’.

So we all - me included - need to take a step back sometimes and remember the last time people made us smile, and say thank you.

It may just be when a colleague made you a brew.

Or brought in a cake.

Or it might be the time you made a gesture which transformed a person’s day.