Temporary base for Leigh homeless charity unit

The homeless shelter has moved
The homeless shelter has moved
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A Leigh homeless shelter has secured a temporary base for the remainder of the year.

Supporters of Atherton and Leigh Shelter for Hope, which has operated locally for the past three years, have secured accommodation in Leigh New Life Pentecostal Church, on Ulleswater Street in Leigh.

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Charity chiefs had been in talks with Wigan Council over moving into the proposed new homeless hub, at the former magistrates court building in Chapel Street.

But following unexpected delays to launching the joint venture, which was scheduled to open at the end of January, Shelter for Hope has adopted temporary alternative premises.

However, officials have reaffirmed their commitment to eventually providing a year-round shelter for rough sleepers, having used now-unavailable accommodation on Etherstone Street last year.

Unlike in previous years, where five nights per week have been offered, the shelter will only run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays though.

In statement on their website, the charity said: “In preparation for 2018 we were part of a consultation for Wigan Council supported services opening a homeless hub, in Leigh centre.

"We celebrate the provision of more accessible services for those in Atherton and Leigh area as this has always been our focus.

"After consideration, we have chosen to see this provision be enhanced by our continuing to operate independently. Our service will remain accessible for multiple agencies to refer to.”

The charity has pledged to continue to work with the homeless in a bid to secure more permanent housing and assistance for those coming through their doors.