Teenagers take part in scheme to encourage them to become more community-minded

Teenagers taking part in the scheme in Leigh
Teenagers taking part in the scheme in Leigh

Teenagers took to the streets of Leigh to prove they are good citizens by making residents aware of a range of important campaigns.

The group of young people aged 16 and 17 put together five community projects aimed at ensuring Leythers were better informed about good causes as part of the NCS Challenge organised by the National Citizenship Service.

“It’s about getting young people involved in the world around them.”

Lydia Bodell

The teenagers split themselves into five groups, each having a stall on Bradshawgate in Leigh town centre, giving out information to shoppers to highlight particular campaigns.

Causes being helped included Stand Up, Speak Out, which helps teenagers suffering from depression, and Thoughts For Food.

One of the groups also ran an awareness stall for #hellomynameis, a campaign set up by a top doctor who was diagnosed with cancer and was appalled at how impersonal she felt the health service was from a patient’s point of view.

She immediately set up the drive to encourage patients and GPs to open up more of a dialogue about care and treatment and to ensure health professionals introduce themselves to those they look after.

Around 55 young people from Wigan and Leigh are taking part in the NCS Challenge throughout the summer holidays, completing a variety of experiences, physical challenges and projects to help the community.

One of the teenagers involved praised the service for the way it has engaged youngsters.

Lydia Bodell, from Hindley Green, said: “It’s about getting young people involved in the world around them.

“We spent a week in the Lake District doing outdoor activities and we also went to the University of Manchester learning how to live in university halls.

“We’ve now done this fortnight-long campaign, too, which is about raising awareness of something we are passionate about and encouraging people to get involved in their local community.”

It is the only scheme being run in Leigh over the summer months.

Police in the town run a variety of activities designed to get youngsters off the streets and encourages to undertake more meaningful activities.

To find out more about summer and autumn programmes run by the NCS visit www.ncsthechallenge.org