SUV-like style for small cars

Nissan Juke Kuro
Nissan Juke Kuro
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Nissan would like drivers to see the Juke as a cross between 4x4 and sportscar.

A macho alternative to a supermini for youthful urban motorists, roomy yet compact, robust yet dynamic and practical yet playful and it is certainly all of these things. True, it won’t appeal to everyone but that’s because it isn’t supposed to. If you love it, you’ll really love it.

You have to admire Nissan for having the courage to do something different. But with ‘different’ becoming a more common sight on our roads, of course, a little differentiation can go a long way and that’s where the limited edition Kuro comes in.

The big wheels, extended ground clearance and body protection clearly hint at some all terrain ability but much of the effort developing the car was focused on creating a sporty feel on the road.

The 4x4 set-up itself is Nissan’s advanced All-MODE 4x4-i torque-vectoring system. As well as distributing power between the front and rear axels, it can split drive between the two rear wheels. Here at last is SUV-like style for the small car sector without any SUV-like compromises, precisely the same trick the company’s bigger Qashqai model pulled off in targeting bigger family-sized models in the larger market segment above. It’s an approach that’s worked once more here and one that will doubtless be much-copied, just as the Qashqai was. But this is the original. And if you’re either young, or young at heart, I can see why you may also think it the best.


CAR: Nissan Juke Kuro

PRICES: £17,395 - £18,995 - on the road


CO2 EMISSIONS: 134-175g/km

PERFORMANCE: [1.6] Max Speed 111mph / 0-60mph 11.0s

FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 53.3mpg

STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front/side airbags, ABS, brakeforce distribution [est]

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE ?: Length/Width/Height: 4135/1765/1570mm.