Support demonstration against ‘massive’ cut-backs

Stephen Hall Unite branch chairman
Stephen Hall Unite branch chairman

THE Leigh branch of Britain’s biggest union is inviting people to support a big anti-cuts demonstration.

Leigh Unite is asking local MPs, Metro councillors, trades unionists and members of the general public to join them on a proposed “massive” demonstration in London on March 26.

They are offering free transport by executive coach, to all local UNITE members, and to anyone else opposed to the Government’s public spending cuts programme living in the Leigh, Atherton, Tyldesley and Hindley Green area, on a ‘pay what you can afford basis’.

The protest is expected to be the largest protest in the capital since the Poll Tax demonstrations of the 1980s.

Branch chair of Leigh TUC Stephen Hall said: “With local hospitals, libraries, and many other public services facing cuts, we are inviting everyone who is opposed to what the Government is doing to take part in the protest.

“We would be especially delighted to see our local MPs and councillors joining us, and marching alongside us on the day.

“It is a lie to suggest that there is no alternative to the massive cutbacks - it is a political choice which seeks to make ordinary folk foot the bill for the financial mess which the banks ultimately got us into.

“We want members to support the TUC’s call for an alternative strategy making those who are actually responsible pay. Ordinary people rolling over and doing nothing is simply not option.”

Contact Mr Hall directly as soon as possible on 07724 139 278 or by e-mail via to book a place. Deadline is 5pm on March 19.

The coach will leave from outside the Boar’s Head pub in Leigh at 6.45am and return around 10.30pm.

n Anyone who is unable to attend the protest but would like to support a local People Against Cuts/PCS union anti-cuts stall on Bradshawgate in Leigh from 11.00am to 1.00pm, also on March 26.