Soldier accused of two rapes

Crime story
Crime story
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A SERVING soldier allegedly raped two young women, one of them at his barracks in Wiltshire, a court has heard.

Steven Maher, from Leigh, took the woman to the Tidworth barracks with him to get some items for her partner but while in his office he suddenly tried to kiss her.

The woman was shocked and tried to push him away, unable to believe what was happening, but he partially undressed her and raped her, claimed Louise Whaites, prosecuting.

Her ordeal ended after she pretended she heard someone at the door and he went to investigate, claimed Miss Whaites.

Former Leigh man Maher, of Sidbury Circular Road, Tidworth, is on trial at Liverpool Crown Court denying two rape offences.

Cross-examined, the 29-year-old alleged victim denied that her account was “simply not true”. “It is true”, she maintained. She told how he started his attack by trying to kiss her and despite her pushing him away he undid her jeans and pulled down her lower clothing. She pulled them up again but he pulled them back down and raped her.

She said she repeatedly told him to think about his wife and that it was “wrong” but he responded saying she would never find out. “I said, ‘stop, I don’t want to’. I kept looking over his shoulder and I think he thought somebody had walked in so he stopped,” she told a Liverpool Crown Court jury. “He went to see and I pulled my pants up and once he came back he was saying ‘oh ****, oh ****,” she claimed. She described Maher “as the sort of person who undresses you with his eyes” and said he was unhygienic and did not clean his teeth.

Miss Whaites told the jury that after the woman told police about the incident in June 2013 further inquiries led them to find out about the other alleged rape attack in March 2010 on an 18-year-old girl. She was with a group including Maher who spent the evening drinking in Wigan and they ended up at the home of two of them in Leigh.

She told Maher she was gay but he took her to a bedroom and raped her, saying “you know you want to.”