Skoda unleashes an even better Yeti

Skoda Yeti
Skoda Yeti

Skoda’s Yeti has been given a makeover.

The Yeti fills a very specific niche and it’s none the worse for it. It’s been revised and while this facelifted car hasn’t changed a great deal, there’s an argument that it didn’t need to be.

Most cars of this type come with a choice of a petrol or a diesel engine. Two petrols and two diesels if the manufacturer really wants to demonstrate its engineering largesse. With the latest Yeti, you get a choice of no fewer than seven engines. You also choose between front and all-wheel drive, and manual or automatic dual clutch transmissions.

All Yetis have decent body control, good brakes and a reasonable ride quality. The steering isn’t the most feelsome but look for the off-road function with a softened throttle response for better control on the loose as well as a hill descent mode that maintains a constant speed on descents.

The Yeti’s styling has always been a good deal cleaner than its broken-backed Roomster sibling. The latest car features stylised front and rear elements such as beefy bumpers and an under-ride guard.

The cabin has revised three-spoke steering wheels in seven variations, better fabrics and bolder patterns for the seat trims as well as decorative inlays on the dashboard. The driving position is reasonably high and there’s a 405-litre boot which can be extended by removing the rear seats.

The Skoda Yeti is a hard car to criticise. It does a lot of things extremely well. It’s spacious, safe, drives well, has a cool but understated image and very low running costs.