‘Sickening’ pellet shot family pet

Pickles with trainee veterinary nurse Keelie Young
Pickles with trainee veterinary nurse Keelie Young
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A FURIOUS cat owner has blasted cruel thugs who left a family pet with shocking injuries after shooting her in the face with a pellet gun.

Black and white short-haired cat Pickles had to have her left eye removed and suffered neurological damage after a pellet was fired into her eye and passed through her ear into her jawbone.

Her distraught owner Lisa Fairhurst, from Leigh, said the seven-year-old pet is now having to be taught how to eat food again while trying to recuperate at My Pets Vets in the town.

Lisa, of Kingsley Street, says she initially thought Pickles had been in a fight with a dog when she returned home injured but after discovering the nature of the brutal attack is determined to find out who is responsible.

Lisa, 46, said: “I feel sick. The vets are having to train her to eat again as her brain isn’t functioning as it should.

“It’s been heart-breaking to see her. I saw her sat in front of the oven door, it was as though she was looking in the glass wondering what was wrong.

“The children are all very upset, especially my eldest son Adam because she’s his cat.

“I want these sick individuals caught. I don’t see why anybody needs an air rifle or a pellet gun and I think they should be banned.

“They should only be used on an actual shooting range, they shouldn’t be kept privately. All guns do is either kill or harm.”

Following the sickening incident on Saturday, July 11, Pickles had to spend several days at the vets having surgery on her eye, only to then be rushed back to have a feeding tube fitted as she was not eating.

She will now require further veterinary treatment for the neurological damage caused by the pellet.

Staff at the surgery are hopeful she will eventually make a full recovery but condemned the actions of those who shot her and said Pickles had definitely used up at least one of her nine lives.

Vet Lloyd Davies from My Pets Vets said: “This is becoming a more regular occurrence, we are seeing more of it. She has suffered horrible injuries and frankly she is quite lucky.

“If the pellet had passed a few millimetres to the right it could very well have killed her.

“The injuries have affected the jaw bone and there’s some nerve damage too but she’s now eating with help. It’s going to be a prolonged recovery but she should get there.

“There’s absolutely no need to take a pot shot at a pet cat. It’s so upsetting for the owner and goodness knows what poor Pickles must have suffered.”