Shoplifter stole blades after benefits lapse

Crime story
Crime story

A THIEF said he stole razors because his benefits claim had lapsed while he was in hospital.

Roy Moss, pleaded guilty to stealing two packs worth around £50 from the town’s Morrisons store.

The 32-year-old of Kirkhall Lane, Leigh, told police he tried to take the items from the supermarket as he had recently left hospital and had no money for food or paying the electric bill.

Wigan justices heard Moss was arrested after an off-duty police officer saw him removing security tags from items in one of the aisles and trying to conceal them on the shelf before continuing around the store.

Nicola Ormerod, prosecuting, said Moss had been in hospital for around a month until a few days before the incident for drug-related treatment, but he tested negative for illegal substances at the police station.

Ged Fraser, defending, said the crime was motivated by desperation but admitted it was aggravated by his client being in breach of two previous conditional discharges.

Mr Fraser said: “Drugs have been a problem in the past, but thankfully don’t seem to be an issue for him at the moment.

“Unfortunately he is still living with the consequences of previous misuse and went into hospital, but when he was released his claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance had lapsed as he had been unable to sign on at the job centre. He had no money for food or electrics and unfortunately reverted to this type of behaviour because he was desperate.”

The magistrates adjourned the case until April 3 for a report and Moss was released on conditional bail.