Scout hut kitchen damaged by fire

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News story
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A SCOUT headquarters was damaged by fire after paper and towels were piled on top of a cooker.

Fire crews were called to the building on Leigh Road in Howe Bridge at around 2.20am on Sunday.

They found someone had gained entry to the headquarters used by local Scouts and Guides groups and piled towels and paper on top of the cooker before switching it on.

A passer-by who spotted the fire and rang the fire brigade then tried to put it out and managed to restrict the damage to the immediate area and heavy smoke logging in the kitchen.

Crew commander Dave Morris from Atherton fire station said: “This is just a really strange incident. Luckily the damage is very minor and only to the work surfaces and the grating over the windows which someone has removed or pulled off.

“It is also very close to the station so we were there in next to no time.”

The incident is being treated as suspicious and has been passed on to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).