School asking where art went

One of Fred Longworth High Schools musical ensembles appearing in the video
One of Fred Longworth High Schools musical ensembles appearing in the video
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A school in the borough has produced a video criticising cuts to creative subjects and asking the question: Where Did All The Art Go?

Fred Longworth High School in Tyldesley has created two versions of the film which highlights changes in education policy and the loss of teachers in subjects such as dance, drama and music.

Pupils at the Printshop Lane school, which has been a specialist arts college, are shown in Fred Longworth’s highly-acclaimed music concerts, theatre productions and art lessons.

The school produced a 15-minute long film covering a year in the life of the creative subjects and a shorter piece based on The Spark, a poem written by head of drama Dave Moloney.

Director of creative learning Martin Ainscough, who came up with the idea and masterminded the 18-month film project, said: “The film is both celebratory and angry.

“We have a strong belief in the power of the arts and want to fight for their survival. There has been a shift towards what are considered to be more academic subjects.

“We’ve lost members of staff and in some schools art, drama and dance don’t exist any more.

“The arts are crucial and a fundamental aspect of education.

“We live in a changing world and we don’t know what jobs our young people are going to do, and the arts are all about creativity and working your way around problems without answers.”

The camerawork was done by Manchester-based Elerby Studios and Arts Council England chipped in funding for the film.

Fred Longworth pupils travelled to a launch event at The Lowry in Salford where the film was shown and they showcased their talents.

The videos are available to view on Youtube.