Sainsbury’s green light

SAINSBURY’S will build a new store in Leigh after Wigan Council’s planning committee approved an application for a supermarket on the site of the former Parsonage Colliery.

The supermarket giant will build the store on land located on Parsonage Way between Wigan Road and Atherleigh Way, and there will also be a restaurant next to it.

The new store – close to the site of their existing unit – will have 560 car parking spaces, and there will be racks for 70 bicycles, while a cyclepath will be built on the new access road from Atherleigh Way to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint when visiting the store.

The store and restaurant forms the first phase of the redevelopment of the former colliery, with further industrial and residential developments planned for the site.

Work has already begun clearing and preparing the site, and developers Brookhouse hope to begin the first construction work, which will involve laying a new access road to join up Atherleigh Way and Parsonage Way, in January.

The new Sainsbury’s is expected to be open by Christmas 2012.

The plan also has areas for public art displays built into it, including a coal-mining-themed area along New Road, with paving representing the tunnels inside the coal mine shafts and a wall built to look like coal seams. Wigan Council passed the application subject to conditions.