Residents urged not to use chip pans

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News story
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FIRE chiefs are warning against the use of chip pans after a blaze in Atherton.

A man in his 40s fell asleep after cooking on the hob at his home in Buckley House, Bolton Road, at 4.20am on Sunday.

A neighbour saw smoke and woke the man and led him to safety.

Firefighters, using four breathing apparatus and a positive pressure fan, dispersed the smoke .

There was a lot of smoke damage, but the fire was limited to the kitchen.

Crew commander Dave Morris at Atherton Fire Service, said: “We would advise against using chip pans, especially after you have had a drink and are likely to fall asleep.

“It is also important to have a working smoke alarm, as there was not one in this case, luckily a neighbour was awake and alerted him.”