Reformed addicts: What is Red Rose Recovery and Lancashire User Forum?

Members of Lancashire User Forum (LUF)
Members of Lancashire User Forum (LUF)

Red Rose Recovery and Lancashire User Forum offer the vital support and guidance needed by those who are dealing with their substance abuse issues

Red Rose Recovery

Red Rose Recovery is known as a Recovery Infrastructure Organisation, providing a network of support for people with addiction.

The service helps its users find activities and training opportunities to assist with relationships, housing, education, and employment.

The organisation, which has offices in Fox Street, Preston; Fleet Square, Lancaster; and Cannon Street, Accrington, has links with the Lancashire User Forum (LUF).

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Lancashire User Forum (LUF)

The Lancashire User Forum was originally set up in 2006 and is a county wide group for individuals, family, friends and carers who have been affected by addiction.

In its infancy it was made up of a handful of service users supporting each other.

Now the LUF is made up and led by service users supported by their friends, families and RRR locality workers. This gives the service users a voice in how recovery should be accessible and what is best practice.

It has support groups across Lancashire, including Preston, Blackpool and Skelmersdale

For more information call 01772 821440.

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