Railway policing appeal

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British Transport Police is again calling on Wigan folk to help determine how the railway is policed.

BTP is setting up a North West Independent Advisory Group, which, it is hoped, will provide the force with a vital link to communities across the region.

Some volunteers have already come forward, but BTP is keen to get a broad a representation of NW communities as possible.

Chief Insp Eddie Wylie said: “We are looking for people who have a general interest in railways and the railway community, particularly those who have strong links into local communities, to work in an advisory role to provide feedback and advice on how our actions are interpreted by members of the public.

“Essentially, we want members of the public to become more involved in advising us in our policing of the railways.”

North west volunteers can contact Chief Insp Wylie at nwdiversity@btp.pnn.police.uk, or call 0161 228 4223.