Rail bid survey

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CAMPAIGNERS are preparing for crunch talks with transport chiefs over their long-running battle for Leigh to be rail served.

Pressure group Transport for Leigh and the town’s MP Andy Burnham will meet with National Rail to discuss connecting Leigh to the rail network.

It follows a public meeting at Leigh Miners Club in Leigh.

Transport for Leigh is now urging supporters to complete an online survey, which looks at people’s travel habits, how road congestion could be reduced by a rail link and how businesses would benefit.

The results will be used in the meeting with Greater Manchester Transport officials.

A spokesman for Transport for Leigh said: “Although we have substantial public support for the idea of the reinstatement of the rail link, we now need evidence that the station isn’t just ‘nice to have’. We need to prove it is a viable investment by providing figures on passenger numbers, benefits to business and carbon and traffic reduction. People need to take action now by filling in the survey.”

Local businessman Ged Tyrrell said: “There are no public resources available to carry this project forward. Therefore, we need to ask if there are any interested parties with time to devote to the project and build our team.”

To complete the survey, visit www.transportforleigh.org.uk