Raging stepson wrecked car over 999 call

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court
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A teenager admitted to inflicting damage on his stepfather’s car following an argument with his sister.

Aaron Gibbons pleaded guilty to criminal damage when he appeared before Wigan magistrates.

The court heard how the 18-year-old had been involved in a dispute with Dominica Gibbons at her home, leading to her contacting her stepfather Christopher Holt. Mr Holt returned to the house in Canterbury Place, Atherton, where the argument was taking place and phoned the police which triggered Gibbons to launch an attack on his stepfather’s Mercedes.

Describing the charge as a “domestic violence” incident, prosecutor Alan Bakker said: “There was an incident involving the defendant and Miss Gibbons resulting in her calling her stepfather because the defendant was kicking off.

“The complainant returned to the address and called police and the defendant turned his attention to him. The defendant kicked his car causing damage worth in the region of £600.

“This resulted in a damaged front grill, a smashed rear headlight, passenger door and rearside window.”

Martin Jones, defending: “At the time of this incident, (Mr Gibbons) was living at the address with his stepfather, his mother and younger sibling.

“On the night in question, his sister who had left the address because of issues between her and her stepfather was there baby sitting the younger sibling.

“Words were exchanged between sister and brother which led to the stepfather being contacted.

“He made an instant judgement. My client took issue with that and in a hit of temper, caused damage to the car.

“He fully admits he lost his temper and that he caused damage to the car but he disputes that the car was damaged to the extent of £600.”

Gibbons was handed a 12-month conditional discharge for the incident.