Protest on town hall steps

The protest outside the town hall
The protest outside the town hall

WARD representatives were met on their way in to this week’s meeting of the full council by a protest against a retail and industrial development in Landgate, Bryn.

A planning application was submitted last month for the development which includes blueprints for a large supermarket, industrial units and housing.

The Bryn Against Development group urged councillors to consider opposing the application before the August 31 deadline.

A group representative said: “This development will add more traffic to Ashton’s already jammed roads and add more pollution to an area already over the legal limit.

“And it will not create lots of new jobs for local people.”

The protest group has support from leader of the opposition and Bryn representative Coun Gary Wilkes.

He said this week: “This development has more bad points than good.

“I’m seriously concerned about the loss of amenities like Bryn recreation ground which has been in public ownership since 1946.

“I’m also worried about the delays in traffic on the A49 which is a drivers nightmare at present.

“This development will only add more misery to public transport delays on an already congested artery route from Ashton and Bryn.”

Labour Coun Nigel Ash said that the council would be conducting a traffic survey later this month and he would be meeting with officials in the near future to discuss the impact of the increased traffic.

He added that the scheme has “a lot of positives” including providing “much needed affordable housing”, job opportunities and improved leisure facilities