Popular game taken off shelves in fakery row

The genuine Pie Face game
The genuine Pie Face game
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WIGAN stores have been ordered to withdraw one of this Christmas’s most sought-after toys amid a probe over immitation goods.

B&M Bargains, which has outlets in Wigan town centre and Marus Bridge among others, used social media website, Twitter, to inform one customer that Pie Face had been taken off its shelves at the request of their supplier.

But the company insisted there were no safety issues relating to the product and that it had not been recalled.

The original Pie Face is made by Hasbro and is designed for children aged five and over.

The game requires participants to place their face in front of a plastic mechanised lever covered in whipped cream.

Players then take turns to turn a handle. Once the handle has been turned enough times it triggers the lever and the player is struck in the face with the cream.

Each player is awarded a point each time they turn the handle without getting struck with cream.

The game is currently sold out in many high street chains, both online and in store, including Argos, Toys ‘R’ Us, Smyths, Asda and Amazon.

Hasbro revealed that the withdrawal was down to counterfeit merchandise, rather than a problem with the official Hasbro product.

A spokesman said: “Hasbro has been made aware of counterfeit Pie Face product available at B&M Bargains stores in the UK.

“These products have been withdrawn by B&M Bargains.

“This withdrawal does not affect the genuine Hasbro Pie Face game, which continues to be available nationwide.

“We advise all consumers with concerns about counterfeit Pie Face games purchased from B&M Bargains to contact B&M Bargains directly.”