Brexit Party candidate for Leigh unveils election campaign

James Melly
James Melly

A budding politician who works with tenants is hoping Leigh will lend him some support as he aims to become an MP.

James Melly has been announced as the Brexit Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Leigh.

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Dad-of-three Mr Melly will hope to win the seat previously held for Labour by Jo Platt.

He said his work gave him an understanding of how difficult people are facing life currently and launched a no-holds-barred assessment of the town, saying improvements to the NHS locally and Leigh’s transport infrastructure were top of his priority list.

Mr Melly, 43, said: “In my current job I work to help tenants and work closely with the local councils and Universal Credit every day to help prevent homelessness.

“I understand the problems both working people and unemployed people face.

“As a family we also have a small business so I also understand the challenges small business owners face.

“I had always voted Labour, I thought they stood for people like me. Labour have run the council and represented Leigh in parliament for decades.

“It is time Leigh has someone like me as an MP who will work hard to improve the lives of people. It is wrong some people just want to further their own career and never be seen in the area once elected.

“The town doesn’t have an A&E department and doesn’t’ even have a train station which I strongly believe we should have. This great and proud town should be benefiting from the success of Manchester.

“I will listen to what people want and fight for this town. I don’t want another 20 years to pass by with no improvement.”

The Brexit Party is only standing in seats held by opposition parties after leader Nigel Farage announced on Monday its candidates were being stood down in the 317 constituencies where the incumbent MP is a Conservative.