Police prevent right wing march trouble

AN ANTI immigration march by extreme right wing groups was successfully contained by a significant police operation.

Greater Manchester Police estimated that more than 70 members of the hate-filled North West Infidels and sister groups marched through Leigh town centre for a “rally” outside the town hall...flanked, said onlookers, by approaching three times that number of police.

The rally in Leigh

The rally in Leigh

One right winger was arrested for suspected affray and head butting a police officer.

GMP’s decision to make the Infidels - a break away group of English Defence League members and known football hooligans - held a meeting inside a cordoned-off area of the square prevent any serious public disorder

Former council opposition leader Peter Franzen helped police make the arrest.

The Community Action Party leader was mounting his own anti racist protest nearby when an extreme right winger charged up and cannoned into him attempting to rip down a banner.

The man was grabbed by two police officers, but managed to wriggle free and attempted to run off.

But he was forced to the ground by the former Golborne councillor, allowing police to re-arrest him.