Plea for help to find Lee’s ring

Lee Suter
Lee Suter
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A borough man is searching for a priceless ring given to him by his wife which was lost on a family walk the day before Valentine’s Day.

Lee Suter, 50, is hoping to find the gold ring received the ring from wife Eileen more than 17 years ago - a piece of jewellery he has only ever removed twice since.

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The bereft teacher explained how the band, which is engraved with his wife’s maiden name initials, was given to her as a present on her 21st birthday before she gifted it to him when they were married in October 2000.

“It’s only been off my hand twice in that time,” he said. “When I was in hospital for minor operations.

“Even when I used to play football I always taped the ring up rather than take it off.

“We had popped into Wigan Infirmary to visit a friend who had been admitted and as we had our dog and son with us, we walked across into Haigh Hall.

“It was only when I got home after our walk that I realised it had gone.

“I’m not in trouble with the wife but we’re both disappointed as obviously it has such sentimental value.”

The ring is engraved with the initials EO’M to represent his wife’s name before they were married - Eileen O’Malley.

The Golborne couple were both living and working in Saudi Arabia at the time time Eileen gave Lee the ring.

He is appealing for anyone who sees the ring or knows of its whereabouts to contact him on 07986170949.