Plans to relieve car parking congestion

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HEALTH chiefs have introduced a new car parking system at Leigh Infirmary’s health centre.

The car park has had unrestricted access since the centre opened in late 2010, but this has led to parking shortages for the staff and patients who use the site’s facilities.

The new parking system, which which NHS Ashton Leigh and Wigan put into effect last week aims to tackle this problem and improve accessibility for staff and patients.

The site will have barrier access and offers free parking to: patients visiting their GP; patients visiting community health services; users of children’s services in the health centre.

Eligible visitors can have their tickets validated at reception to claim their free parking. For other visitors the following charges will apply:

No charge for stays up to 20 minutes; £1 for up to one hour; £2 for up to two hours; £3 for up to three hours; and £4 for up to four hours.

Alan Stephenson, chairman of NHS Ashton, Leigh and Wigan, said: “Some visitors at Leigh’s Health Centres have had difficultly accessing our health services due to parking shortages.

“With the new parking system we aim to puts patients first and make it easier for them to access the site’s services.

“Revenue from the car park will be invested in improving our health services.”

Visitors can also use the half-hourly 597 bus service, which stops at the infirmary site.

Its route takes passengers between Leigh Bus Station, the infirmary and the Leigh Sports Centre.

Timetables are available from Leigh Bus Station and at the reception desks in Leigh Health Centre.

For further information visit and click “Leigh Infirmary”.