Plans altered after protests

An artist's impression of the re-designed buffer zone on the North Leigh development
An artist's impression of the re-designed buffer zone on the North Leigh development
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THE developers behind a large regeneration project have revised their initial plans following criticism from residents.

North Leigh Park Group, which is proposing to turn an extensive brownfield site in Westleigh and Hindley Green into around 1,800 homes, industrial units, green spaces and wildlife habitats, have responded to claims from campaign groups that the development is too intrusive.

The new plans include a widened green buffer zone, around 50 metres wide, which will run between the industrial units in the north-west corner of the site and the nearest homes, an increase of 25 per cent on the original designs.

The developers have also promised to plant large trees and hedgerows to form screens for the work in the early stages of the construction work.

Wigan Council is now re-consulting with local residents on the revised plans, which North Leigh claim will create around 8,500 new construction and permanent jobs.

North Leigh Park Group spokesman Chris Chiverton said: “We have listened carefully to local residents’ feedback about our initial plans and have been able to make real improvements to the scheme.

“We want to breathe new life into North Leigh to make it sustainable for the future with the support of the local people.”

However, residents from the Save Our Borough campaign, which criticised the original plans, said they would continue to oppose the development.

Vice-chairperson Maxine Armstrong said: “I don’t think the changes are going to make that much difference as they seem quite small, although we will need to look closely at what they involve.

“I still question the need for 1,800 homes and more industrial units here, especially as old units are being knocked down only a mile and a half away.”

Comments are being received on the updated plans, and should be addressed in writing to Wigan Council.