Petition will signal Sunday trains plea

Community Action Party members Catherine Aspey and Michael Moulding
Community Action Party members Catherine Aspey and Michael Moulding
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A CAMPAIGN has been launched to re-introduce Sunday trains stopping at a borough station.

Deputy leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding has launched a petition after branding as “nonsense” the practice of train services passing through the Wallgate to St Helens line but never picking up passengers.

The non-driver, who travels everywhere by public transport, insists that the “growing” town of Ashton can be included in the service without unduly affecting operational timings.

Mr Moulding said: “I believe a demand exists for a service to be provided on Sunday.

“I will be petitioning existing rail users some mornings and evenings.

“The campaign will be supported by us throughout the whole of Ashton over the next few months.”

It is available in an electronic format for support at

Chair of Transport for Greater Manchester, Coun Doreen Dickinson, said that it fully supported the principle of improved Sunday


But she said: “Unfortunately in the case of Bryn station there are a number of practical constraints that mean the operator can’t provide a Sunday service at present.

“However, electrification may offer the opportunity for stops at Bryn.”

A Northern Rail spokesperson said: “It would be impossible for us to add in a stop at Bryn to the current hourly service due to pathing.”