Video could be first step to teen Katie becoming a top rapper

A mother hopes her daughter’s dreams of becoming a rapper could come true - thanks to her intervention.

Thirteen-year-old Katie Higgins has never performed in public, only rapping in her bedroom.

Katie Higgins

Katie Higgins

Her proud mum Sammie Howard says she has lost her confidence and does not like to leave the house after being bullied for several years.

She wanted other people to see her daughter’s talent and hopefully help her break into the industry.

So she took a video of Katie rapping from her phone and posted it on several Facebook groups.

Sammie, who lives in Astley, said: “I did it for her because I knew she wouldn’t let me. She is so worried about what everyone thinks about her because of the bullying over the years. She has this really big confidence issue.”

Katie with mum Sammie Howard and four-month-old sister Scarlett

Katie with mum Sammie Howard and four-month-old sister Scarlett

But mother and daughter have been overwhelmed with the positive reaction to the video.

It had a huge response, with hundreds of people leaving messages of support and praising Katie’s performance.

Sammie said: “This was to give my daughter a massive confidence boost. She has done nothing but smile and cry with happiness since I have done this.

“It’s been really overwhelming.

“A music producer has been in touch offering her free studio time and the chance to record a video. We have a man offering to do her own logo and merchandise for free.

“I can’t believe all this recognition that Katie is getting. It’s amazing for her.”

Katie - whose stage name is Lil Higgzz - has also been offered a slot to perform at next year’s Leigh Carnival.

She has been contacted by many people, including a make-up artist willing to style her.

Katie has been rapping since she was around five years old and her favourite stars are Eminem and XXXTentacion.

But so far she has not performed in public, even stopping when her mum walks into her bedroom.

Sammie, 33, said: “Katie raps about how she feels and what she is going through. I think that’s her way of expressing her feelings, by putting it through music.”

Katie dreams of becoming a rapper and her mum hopes that sharing the video online will lead to her big break.

She said: “Hopefully if we can record something we can get it sent out and Katie can get some recognition and become a rapper.”