Slimming group changed Kirsty’s life

Kirsty Leigh-Griffiths
Kirsty Leigh-Griffiths
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When mum Kirsty Leigh-Griffiths decided to join a slimming group, she had no idea how it would change her life.

For as well as shedding the pounds, the 28-year-old fell in love with a fellow member who became her husband.

I only went to try to lose some weight. I didn’t go to find a husband

Kirsty Leigh-Griffiths

And she now hopes to help other people lose weight by launching her own slimming group.

Kirsty, who lives in Abram, said: “I only went to try to lose some weight. I didn’t go to find a husband.”

Kirsty began to gain weight when her father died in 2010 and she turned to food. She said: “I was going to the shop and locking myself away for the rest of the night and gorging on the food - chocolate and crisps - from the shop.”

Her mum received a leaflet about Slimming World and they went to a meeting together. It was there she met husband-to-be Gareth Griffiths.

“He was there a few times,” she said. “We didn’t really speak until one week when my mum wasn’t there and he sat next to me. We got talking and swapped numbers. We didn’t spent another day apart.”

The couple wed in 2015 in Florida. By then they had both left Slimming World and piled on the pounds. Kirsty got on the scales earlier this year and discovered she had gained 5st in five years.

She returned to Slimming World and has so far lost 3st. Kirsty, who is a receptionist at Golborne Premier Inn and has an eight-year-old daughter, said: “I feel brilliant.”

She is now becoming a Slimming World consultant and her group launches on September 7 at St Mary’s Church, Lower Ince.

Gareth, 33, will be among her first new members.