Historic mill crowd-funding for accessible toilets

Leigh Spinners Mill has launched its Spend A Penny crowd-funding drive
Leigh Spinners Mill has launched its Spend A Penny crowd-funding drive

The team developing a cultural hub in the borough is asking generous residents to chip in with a fund-raising drive which is anything but bog-standard.

Leigh Spinners Mill has launched its Spend a Penny crowd-funder to create accessible toilets on the fourth floor of the former industrial landmark.

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Exciting plans are taking shape on the fourth level, with Leigh Film Society and history organisation Monument Men moving in there alongside current residents Creative Spin Studios.

With cinema screenings, theatre shows and events bringing the past to life for residents all planned, though, there is an urgent need to renovate the toilets.

A crowd-funder has now been launched and needs to bring in £10,000 from the public over the next few weeks.

Paul Costello, a trustee of the Leigh Building Preservation Trust which is behind the redevelopment of the mill, said: “It’s an absolute necessity to have an accessible toilet facility as it would mean the Spinners creative hub would be fully inclusive to everyone in the community.

“It will be the place where it is happening in Leigh with art, drama and film all on one floor.

“There will be opportunities for culture in all its forms at the Spinners Mill, which will also be available for young people to get involved with.”

Mr Costello said Stolen Thread Productions is looking to begin doing theatrical work on the fourth floor in 2020.

Monument Men, which works with museums in the UK and Egypt, wants to use the space to do more with a collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts following a link-up with Manchester Museum.

Residents can get rewards including mill tours for donating set amounts to the crowd- funder.

Find out more or donate at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/spend-a-penny-at-spinners-mill